Significance of no 108

Recently I have been coming across one no very frequently.108.

What is the significance of it ?? And why do we spot it around us so often. Did some research on it and mentioned below are my findings.

It all started when I was reading a famous book , “Connect the dotes”.First story was about a restaurant named “Dosa plaza”. No of recipes on the menu, 108 !!!

I had a Rakhi sister when I was in 4th standard. She was an ardent believer in Saibaba and one fine day I was felling a bit more disappointed then usual. She advised me to say “Jay shree Saibaba” 108 times and then ask whatever I wanted and the wish will come true. God !!! How gullible and innocent I was at that time. I didn’t ask her why only 108 times and why not 109 or 100 times or whatever and just did it !!!

Anyone residing in Gujarat is aware about this no since some time now. There was an urgent Ambulance that was started by Mr.Modi our Honorable Prime Minister now,  when he was CM of Gujarat. Called 108 . You just need to dial 108 in your phone and they will be there in a jiffy to take care of anyone who needs urgent medical attention and will get him/her to hospital.

I dug a bit deeper. Lets go towards some ancient instances. During the “Samundra Manthan” being done by Devas and Danavas the no on both sides was 54 + 54 = 108. And the one who shows them the way is ??? None other then Vishnu.

samudra manthan

art by Santanu Santan Kumar

Now to one of the most revered books in Hindu religion, Mahabharat. You see Some minor modifications to the no here. Yudhishthira lost everything during his 18th game.


The war in Kurukshetra ran for 18 days. Kuravas had 11 Akshohinis on their side while Pandavas had 7 on their side. Total 11+7 = 18.




Mahabharat itself is divided in 18 parvas (parts). And Bhagvad Gita also has 18 chapters. And the one who plays an important role in bringing this war to a start by motivating Arjuna to fight for his right and to protect “Dharma”. None other then Shree Krishna a “Vishnu”avatar. Vishnu and Shiva together have 1008 names in total. Bhishma pitamaha was invincible in the Kurukshetra war for 9 days and on the 9th day he reveals his secret to Pandavas and he dies on the 10th day.


Pandavas ruled over Hastinapura for 36 years. 3+6=9.

It seems like we are being pointed towards something continuously. To get clear understanding of a book at hand one needs to read between the lines. And this article is a humble effort at that.

Hinduism comprises of 18 principal Puranas and 108 principal Upanishads. Then why is it said that when foreign invaders came to India they couldn’t find a book associated with Hinduism?? Well they did but there were many. And the knowledge was so vast that it could not be concisely accommodated in one book. If they had acknowledged that fact how could they have ruled India for so many years?? If you need to conquer a civilization you need to show it to be of lower standard then yours.

Now lets go into the universe. Not so far but our solar system itself.The diameter of the Sun multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Sun and Earth, and the diameter of the Moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between Earth and Moon. The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. A leap year has 366 days and 3 X 6 X 6 = 108.WOW….

I believe everyone must have seen that Mala or Japa beads which our grandma and grandpas use to take gods name. The no of beads in that Mala is 108. And seems like this beads no is same irrespective of the religion. Shikhs use 108 knots Mala which is made out wool by tying 108 knots in it , Buddhists and Taoists use 108 beads mala. In Islam 108 represents god. Why? Well the no which make 108 are 1 which means something 0 which means nothing and 8 equals everything I.e., infinity i.e. all pervading and infinite God.

The commonality in religion does not stop here. Everyone must have seen that symbol that is an identity Jewish or Judaism.Well it is Star/Shield of David.


It became more and more associated with Jewish during the Holocaust by Nazis. And later it got widespread attention with Jews when it was also used by Israel in their flag. But then you will see the similar symbol being used as the “Seal of Solomon” in Islam too. As per Dravidian culture it is nothing else but Ananta Chakra. You will also find that it has similarities with Shri Yantra. Shri Yantra is very auspicious in Hinduism and it is associated with Prosperity and spirituality.


Total 4 upwards triangles which signify Male – Shiva ( Spirituality ) and 5 downward triangle which signify Female – Shakti ( Prosperity). Triangles total to 9. There are 54 line intersections and each of them comprising of both Male and Female. 54 X 2 = 108. But then you saw a very similar symbol on a big screen very recently. Yeeeeeess!!!


Courtesy Avengers Infinity War

Our body has 108 pressure points as per Ayurveda. And this 108 signifies body , spirituality and prosperity . Which is most important for the person who is involved in worldly affairs (Sansara). Shree Yantra follows Fibonacci series. And is also similar to the theory of Yin and Yang in Taoism which is a widespread religion in China. I believe all of you must be very familiar with this one right ? It is the symbol of Yin and Yang.


Kund fu panda 2.giftumblr_inline_o7484nP6Np1r90a6f_540.gif

Courtesy Kung Fu Panda

One more point about Shree Yantra. Summation of all the angles in Triangle is 180. Not only triangle any polygon for that matter.

Sanskrit also has 54 alphabets and each of this alphabet is full of shiva (masculine) and shakti ( feminine ). 54 X 2 = 108.

We all have 108 feelings . 36 are related to past, 36 are related to present and 36 are related to future.

In astrology there are 12 constellations and 9 arc segments. 12 houses and 9 planets. 12 X 9 = 108. There are total 27 constellations and they are wives of Moon god. When I was young I used to wear silver on one of my fingers. This was decided looking at my birth chart. As per that my moon was in a weak state and that’s why I had to wear silver. But you know silver has atomic weight of 108. Woah!! Did our ancestor know this??


Courtesy Astronomy Trek

There are 108 sacred sites all along India which are called Pithas in local language.

As per Russian scientists angle made stones cut from Mount kailash always make 108 degrees. Nataraj’s dance has 108 Bharatnatyam poses.


Forget religion. In India you are allowed to vote at the age of 18. This is not applicable only in India but close to 98% countries in the world follow the same voting age. Accidental or Conscious decision.

If you add the digits of 108 they are 1+0+8 = 9. The summation of the digits of nos of the tables of 9 always stays 9. 9 X 6 = 54 and 5 + 4 = 9.

We are mammals and Our bodies comprise of 9 doors ( nose, ears, eyes, anus, mouth and genitals). And we must be special across all the animals as only our fetus stays in mothers body for 9 months (36 weeks).

9 is a very special no. It connects us with God who is infinity and all pervading. But then doesn’t Humanity bring meaning to existence of God as we have our own ways of worshiping him which you again don’t identify among the entire spectrum of animals.

I hope that next time when you see 108 you will remember the deeper connect it has with you.









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