Game of thrones S8 E4 Review

So guys and gals what do you think is going to happen now in this series.!!! We are already down to 4 episodes and only two remain to go. Well I am one of the lucky ones out here who hasn’t been seeing this show since the beginning and joined after series 5 was already out. But maaaan ,  content, character depths everything was so perfect till the season 6 and I would even try to stretch it up to season 7 may be. But season 8 after the first two episodes has lost a lot of footing in my personnel rankings. And then I thought I will read some other reviews from fellow fans and came to know that there are lot of people like me out there who share the same feeling. Yeah I pity those guys more then myself for the reasons stated above , I mean to see a series tarnished like this when it has taken almost 10 years to build up to this level is definitely disappointing. Lot of plot holes and lots of goof ups including seeing a major villain depart in such a lame way is something which has left me gasping for more. Anyways coming back to the episode 4. Now those whoever haven’t seen episode 4 of season 8 yet please don’t read further as there are huge spoilers ahead. “You have been warned.”
1. In episode 4 major points of the plot are funeral pyres are burned and people mourn the dead for a short while and we see Ghost also standing there. How the heck did it survive ??? Didn’t we see it going in with the first charge of those troopers against the white walkers and never coming back from it ???
2. The mourning is short lived as there is also a celebration to be done for a huge battle won against the bid bad ass who was seen coming since last 10 years and has now suddenly been killed in such a cheap fashion. Well am not against Arya killing her as she also deserved a shot at it, although not as much as the John snow.
3. So everyone is rejoicing after the night king has been defeated.  And first move is by Danarys who makes Gendry the lord of the Storm’s end. Slowly we start seeing Danarys as being the one determined to take Iron Throne and finding herself lonely too. Varys is observing her to be getting lonelier…Hope they don’t show her to be moving towards madness as her father.

4. Drinking parties are also going on and almost everyone is enjoying themselves by finding themselves an opposite sex partner. Includin Brianne of Tarth. Brianne, Jaime and Tyrion play drinking games and now they know that Brianne is still a vergin. And Jaime ceases the opportunity and follows her to her room after the game and they make out. I mean what!!!!! Why was this needed.Till now this relation was of mutual respect and it no longer is as now it is based on sex. 


5. Seems like Sansa has arranged for some entertainment (local girls) for some of the guys in the room. But some bite the bullet of temptation while some (read mountain) don’t.Now there is one conversation that has recently created a lot of controversy is Sansa’s conversation with The Mountain about how she is no more a little bird due to cruel people like Ramsey ,Joffrey & Cersei. Some sighted this conversation to be justifying rape. Well I don”t agree with this view point. See suffering has always been a great teacher. Take out big plays of old times starting from shakespear to Mahabharatha and they all prove the point that anything that doesn’t kill you simply makes you stronger. And myself personally am a believer in this idiom.
6. Next we see a predictable conversation between Dany and John playing out. About what will be their future path and Dany asks him not to reveal his true identity to anyone, even to his sisters….well that’s too much to ask. Anyways she wants it to be same like it was between them by not revealing his true identity . He insists that his sister will trust him and they will also follow her. While Dany is of the opposite view. As she thinks Sansa is too strong to be trusting in him and following him like a sister that he knew her to be.  What I would have loved to see is John to be more then a men he is showing to be. He has always been too modest and brave and that’s why everyone loves him and he has such a fan following but I think now he is seeming like a man without a backbone who can’t properly even convince her love about what he believes in. Or may be debate about why shouldn’t he himself sit on the throne. This way he can convince her about what he is already giving up to be with her and he will make sure that they believe her. Also he is still confused about which of his identity to embrace. Of a stark or of a Targaryen !! This is going to be a strategic mistake in this very episode and maybe in the long run too.
Dany and Jon Arguing
7. Now the strategy about taking King’s landing is all okay except for the part later when John reveals his true identity to his sisters. We don’t even get to see their reactions which is a bit annoying and seems rushed but I hope something good comes out of it at the end of the show. The plan they made about kiling cersie / making John sit on the iron Throne / something like that.
Starks together
8. Lannister brothers are still surviving due to Tyrion’s convincing powers and his presence of mind when Bron comes in and says he has a contract to kill both of them. And we see Arya and Mountain heading for King’s landing to finish some unfinished business . Another surprise is being cooked may be.
9. One more disappointing part (as per popular belief) that is John leaving winterfell without bidding a goodbye to Ghost. There is a lot of disappointment in fan world about this but I believe it has been like this since the beginning. He has always ignored that wolf as can be seen in the pictures below …. the way he is lifting it up when he first meets it.. TV adaptation of the RR Martin story has left a lot of things in the book on the shelf and this may be one more addition to it.
11. Now back to Kings landing…If Dany had allowed John to reveal his true identity and  ride a Dragon or John would have asked her to let him ride Rhaegal , Rhaegal would still be alive. As soon as the northern army along with unsullied reaches Dragon stone it is ambushed by Euron’s Iron fleet. He first kills off the Dragon with Scorpion who without his rider is very much vulnerable. Dany seethes with anger and tries to charge at Euron’s fleet but suddenly she gets out of the way and flies her Dragon away. What ???? I mean she could have done something at least. Go away and again make a run for it with the swiftest speed by attacking from above. And dragons are a maneuverable species.
Rheagal dies
Dany charging
12.As Dragons are out of the way he also destroys almost all of the sea fleet of the North and while he is at it he also takes a prisoner. Missandei. No explanation about how it happened and how she was taken prisoner.May be they were just waiting for her to fall in the sea while Euron was destroying the ships and there was someone in the sea waiting to catch her ??? Hilarious …. Another plot hole I guess.
12. Its another war room full of Grey Worm, Dany, Varys and Tyrion. Missandei has been taken prisoner and they discuss revenge especially Dany . Gray worm talks about charging in to the Red Keep along with Dany and the Dothraki and Dany seems agreed. Which means people of King’s Landing shall also die with Cersie which is vehemently opposed by Varys. She says that she is destined to free the world of Tyrants and she will do it any cost!!! Cost ??? Half a million people in King’s landing???… She seems to be forgetting that she is there to protect them and raise a better world. She is tending to forget that she is the deliverer for these weak people. She is seeing them as lower then herself. Maybe she is starting to understand why his father was saying “Burn them all”. This is the vision that Bran is having since long. Dragon flying over kings landing and just then Mad king saying Burn them all.
But till now Danarys is completely sane. Why the hell should she start losing it….there is no apparent reason for that to do now at all. Just because she is feeling lonelier recently. But hasn’t she always been like that fighting the world on her own!!! Varys and Tyrion try and make her see sense by at least trying to appeal to the better nature of Cersei so that people of King’s landing can see that she is not as cruel as Cersei wants them to believe her to be. She is not her father’s daughter. And she agrees to be diplomatic!!!
13. Now there are discussions happening between Varys and Tyrion which are a bit intriguing but not too much. They seem to be discussing who should sit on the iron throne. And assuming that Danarys is slowly becoming a mad queen. But that decision is not theirs as it seems. Any game to be played at it can be disastrous for both of them. Also Danarys has earned her right to sit on the throne by single handedly fighting against all odds while Jon is still confused about which of his identity to follow. So right now she is the right candidate. At least she has the courage to listen to her inner voice. What I fear is that show writers are going to make her look like a mad queen just to make John the legitimate and right candidate to sit on the throne and justify his actions in the future.
14. Jaime discovers about the Ambush at the Dragon stone and he decides to accompany her sister during this time. He sneaks out at the night when Brienne is sleeping and she tries to stop him and when he isn’t convinced , Brienne starts crying. A recently anointed knight and a serious fighter like Brienne starts crying for a person like Jaime !!! Yeah I know that’s her first love in a very long time and he is leaving but didn’s she know or hear about him before she fell for him ??? Wasn’t this expected from the word go??? Maybe because her character ark has come to an end !!! He he anyways am still trying to  wrap my mind around the fact that Jaime went back to Cersei…. the same Cersei who put out a contract for him and Tyrion …. I hope that he is going back to king’s landing to finally put an end to Cersei’s rain and again be called a King-slayer (or shall I say Queen-slayer??) !!!!

Brienne crying

15. We are back at King’s landing with Dany, Grey Worm, Tyrion, Verys, and a few dozen Unsullied. Tyrion tries to convince Qyburn and Cersei to be Diplomatic and surrender their forces. While Cersei seems to have made up er mind. She is determined to play a provocateur to Dany. To unmask her and show to her people that Dany is as mad as her father. Tyrion’s effort to save the city go in vain when Cersie orders the Mountain to behead Missandei!! And we bid adieu to one of the true friends of Dany. So Dany is now lost her love in Jon Snow , her true friend in Missandei and her Child Rhaegal…..obviously she is pissed.

Dany Angry


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