Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5 review and ending predictions.

Game of Thrones fans spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen above episode yet turn it off now…..

Lo,behold it’s the mad Queen. My worst fears have come true with the last week’s penultimate episode….our very own beloved Dany has turned and she has destroyed the King’s landing. At least this time the lights are completely on and we are able to see everything that’s being burned by Drogon-The last Dragon alive. How did we get hear???Lets go through the episode 5 to understand it!!

  1. Varys commits treason. We see him trying to poison Dany through a servant girl called Martha. We are not told directly about it but have to guess from one line he says ” The Greater the risk, the greater the reward”. He  asks the girl to get back at it in the kitchen and he himself gets back to writing messages to important people about who the true heir to the throne is. No matter the consequences. Game-of-Thrones-Season-8-Episode-5-Varys
  2.  He even tells about his idea to Jon trying to make a last ditch attempt to convince him to take the throne which is dismissed as usual as Jon’s honor is very high. It is so high that it might get almost half a million people in King’s landing burned.
  3.  Tyrion tells Dany about Varys’ treachery but she has other ideas. She blames Jon snow. She believes him to be at the root cause of Varys’ treachery. If he hadn’t said about his lineage to Sansa this wouldn’t be happening. Tyrion Justifies Jon, Sansa and his own actions of sharing it to Varys. Almost everyone is against Dany. Jon has betrayed her , Sansa is plotting against her, his hand Tyrion is failing her , his Master of whisperer is plotting to kill her, her only best friend has been beheaded by Cersei , His dragon is killed by Euron and even Ser Jorah is not on her side to guide and comfort her.. As she rightly says later “She doen’t have love , only hate and fear.” I understand where this is going but it is not properly justified. It seems to rushed for the TV phenomenon it has become. The most basic values of the show are tarnished as character depths and arcs are ruined due to less time allotted to the last season.Dany mourning
  4. We see Varys being taken to his queen by the unsullied and being sentenced to die for the treachery…”Dracarys” and adios Varys …So long to the only person who could stand up to her queen.
  5. John and Dany are talking again in their room and she has to ask worm to leave them alone. That seems a bit odd !! Dany tried to kiss John again during their conversation and John pulls away after a while again!! Because she is her aunt. He is born a Targaryen but he is raised as a stark and he has become a northerner. He still is not able to embrace his Targaryen side because Dany also doesn’t allow him to do it..I would have loved it if he had told her that why didn’t you let me fly Rheagal !! If I would have been flying him he would still be alive!! But rather only Dany asks the questions about loyalty!! And John again tried to be the nice guy. And it is misunderstood as fear!! This is what turns Dany completely on darker side!! She only has fear here in the north and no love at all. As she doesn’t have love she will have power with fear now . That’s the only choice.
  6. Tyrion , Grey worm and Dany are discussing about siege on King’s landing and Tyrion tries to plead with her to not to lay siege on King’s landing. She justifies it by saying that people of Mereen revolted against their tyrant as soon as she reached there. She is already contemplating laying siege to the entire city not just Cersei. But in this case Cersei is  already spreading word about how Dany will be even worse Tyrant then herself and will behave just like his father the Mad king. Also she is inviting all of them inside “The red keep” on a false pretense of protecting them. Why should they not be on her side !! And as Tyrion says if they rise against her she will kill their entire families. In Mereen’s case people were already too tired of their rulers and were looking forward to a leader who will liberate them and they found their answer in Dany. In king’s landing that is not the case. How can Dany not see this?? She has been very logical till now. And her answer to Tyrion is “Mercy is our strength. Our mercy towards future generations who will never again be held hostage by a tyrant.” Future generations ??? What about the current generation??? At the end she tells him about Jamie being caught by her man trying to cross the border.
  7. Arya and Mount get into the King’s landing just by admitting that they are going to kill Cersei and soldier allows them to enter. Hilarious!!! This Pair never stops astonishing us.
  8. Jamie is freed by Tyrion to put some sense into Cersei’s head. It’s an emotional adieu for Tyrion as this might be the last time they meet. Either / both of them can die and this seems to be the last card up our favorite imp’s sleeve. He asks Jaime to ring the bells once he has convinced her and seige will stop.
  9. And then it starts. Euron sees Dragon flying in from the sky but he doesn’t stand a chance. The entire Iron fleet goes down and Euron jumps off at the last minute. We see some awesome maneuvers by the Dragon queen and then the golden company and the entire scorpion ballistae is Kapoot. She breaks the city gates and pretty boy dies at the hands of the grey worm.Dany burns euron
  10. Cersei hasn’t lost hope and is defiant even in the face of sure shot defeat. Or shall we say in a false hope that red keep will survive somehow. She still doesn’t surrender and doesn’t rings the bell. Her army which meets Grey worm, Jon and Davos have laid down weapons but she doesn’t ring bells. Dany is waiting on top of her dragon on a tower, we see her face contorting as the bells don’t ring for long. She seems seething with anger at that. And finally the bells ring!! But then we see Dany doing something awful. She lays siege to the entire red keep along with their people . Men, women and children are burnt alive. She makes fear her legacy… not love but fear…. it seems that the bells had completely opposite effect on her. Grey worm feels inspired by her queen’s blood lust and starts killing Lannister soldiers who have already surrendered.Jon tries to stop them but alas!! As now he is getting attacked and he also starts returning the favor. Suddenly he realizes what has just happened . He has to carry this burden. It was his weakness for his queen which lead to this. If he had stood up to her this massacre wouldn’t have happened. If he had taken up the throne for which he is the rightful heir this wouldn’t have happened. It was his Karma- his destiny which he didn’t embrace and now has to pay for it by watching people suffer!! He tried to save as many lives he could at Winterfell but lost even more at the king’s landing.Dany face contortedGame-of-Thrones-Season-8-Episode-5-Grey-Worm-Battle
  11. Euron challenges Jaime to a fight by making lame excuses. Of bringing him glory if he again becomes the kingslayer by killing him. Deathly Dual ensues and Euron is able to mortally injure Jaime. But Jaime has the last laugh and he kills him. Good bye to one more villain!!
  12. Hound and Arya reach the map room. They both seem determined on their path. Hound to kill the mountain and Arya to kill the Cersei. And then we see something amazing happen. Mountain explains to Arya that she shouldn’t waste her life after revenge. A noble gesture by the man who everyone fears. Just because of his exterior look of a man burned every one fears him while from the inside he is not that ugly. He is opposite of the Cersei in that way who is beautiful on the outside but inside she is the ugliest of the lot. We see Hound’s arc coming to a close as he reaches to Mountain. A terrible fight ensues and Cersei moves on as Qyburn has already been squashed like a bug. Hound does extreme damage to Mountain but Mountain just does not die. In the end Hound takes him down by overcoming his worst fear of fire as they both fall down the tower. The wall behind The Mountain crumbles. The brothers crash through. They fall hundreds of feet into the burning rubble below. A glorious end for the Hound.
  13. Jamie and Cersei find each other and they try to make a run for it. In her last moments Cersei is worried for her unborn child but Jaime comforts her by saying nothing else matter but them. As King’s landing comes crashing down around them the life long lovers meet their end in each other’s embrace .
  14. Arya has been running around in the city trying to find a safe spot. She is saved by a woman who is also trying to find a safe spot with her daughter. She tries to return the favor by taking them to safety. Dothraki horseman somehow injures the mother and daughter also goes back to her mother by getting out of Arya’s clutches. Drogon comes and fills the street with fire while Arya turns the corner to save herself. When she wakes up she sees the burned remains of the mother and daughter, frozen forever in an embrace . In her charred hand, the girl still holds a toy horse. Out of nowhere a white horse approaches her who seems to have somehow survived the assault. She sees it, caresses it ,mounts it and gets out of the city riding it. Seems like she has realized she should have killed Dany rather then going for Cersei by listening to her

Dany’s turn seemed to be on the cards since the beginning. I am able to recall a dialogue in one of the classics which goes like this “Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain.” And it is said by the very man who later on becomes the villain himself.Yes you guessed it right – Harvey Dent says it to Bruce Wayne in the 2008 movie “The Dark knight”. And the man who supported him had to kill him at the end and become a villain himself … at least in the public eye. So it feels like the Dany’s fate has been sealed now.

So who kills her in the episode 6?? Arya or Jon Snow ?? Of course it has to be Jon Snow.. Then only it will seem like a poetic justice…Question is how will he do it?? In the next episode Dany might try to bring justice to Tyrion /Arya. Justice to Tyrion as he has again failed her queen or Arya as she might try to assassinate her and get caught in the process. Grief stricken by Genocidal approach taken by Dany he will take upon himself that no other soul dies. John will come in line of Drogons fire. He will be unburned and truth will be out there to see for everyone around them. He will kill Dany as she is beyond any debate or logic and sit on the throne himself or make some one else sit on the throne.

But if he doesn’t sit on the throne what will he himself become ?? He can become a watchful protector by going back to the north !!! After the love of his life who is also her aunt and the last Targaryen alive other then him killed he would’t be interested to sit on the throne… But protect from whom??? White-walkers are already gone. But if they come back again then yes. If not then he will become the Night king himself. Reason ?? Human kind can not be trusted with their own survival and somebody needs to take on the mettle of a watch full protector next time things go wrong. And if the John himself is the night king he will take everything into consideration before attacking the mankind again…An immortal protector in guise of a villain.And will make sure that the balance is maintained.

There is still a prophecy that is to be fulfilled of Azor Ahai. And it reads “The prince that was promised”. We have seen that there are kids that are being given to the night king. What if John was supposed to be the prince for the night king ?? And in case the night king dies he overtakes the mantle. Just like Star wars he can by either Skywalker or Darth vader. He can serve either the lord of light or the lord of death. And by becoming night king he serves the lord of death.

But then there is a question of throne that needs to be occupied to put the Game of thrones at rest.. and best suited to sit are either Sansa / Bran / Tyrion. No more lannister business as Starks have lost all the trust in other families. It can either be Sansa or Bran. Bran has already been established as the last male hair to the Starks and chances are he will occupy the throne while Sansa will remain the lady of Winterfell which she already is.

This last season has kept many things unanswered and seemed rushed. That is why the character arc of Dany does not feel justified. There does not seem to be real reason for her to slip into madness like this. May be they are doing this purposefully. They are already writing a prequel to it and they will answer the questions there. Who will watch it if they finish everything here. Universe created by R R Martin is huge and there are many chapters to be covered. See you folks at the end of episode 6.



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