Game of thrones Season 8 Episode 6: We now know who sits on the throne

Episode begins with Jon and Tyrion walking the streets of Westeros amidst all the rubble of the wasted King’s landing. Tyrion finds his siblings in the rubble and weeps. Emotional moment which gave their lesser deaths a bit of weightage.


Jon encounters grey worm and tries to do the right thing by not letting Lannister soldiers die but then he decides to speak to Dany first on Davos’ advice.

Dragon shots in this episode have been simply marvelous. The way she comes down with Dragon wings spread behind her to give her victory speech is captivating. Still I can’t come to terms with Dany slipping into villainy as it is too rushed and made for the sake of making and not disappointing the large fan base this show has garnered . There are lot of things at play here such as Targaryen blood line and how they have kept it pure. But in keeping it pure some of the other weaknesses have emerged such as Madness!! This point is not accentuated anywhere. R R Martin has done a lot of research on religions and has come up with the lord of light and God of death. There is not even a mention of any of these rituals which leaves some more questions unanswered !! Such as Rheagar running away with Lyanna stark and secretly marrying her. He should have been an unsung hero of this season but his story is also left untold . All that is mentioned is that he did it all for love. May be he also wished for a better world and break the wheel , just like Dany and Jon and Jon was the answer. Disappointing !!!

Dany the Dragon


We see Dany giving a victory speech in Dothraki dialect to her vast Army. Wait !! Weren’t there supposed be only handful of soldiers alive. We did see the torches being quashed entirely when they rushed to fight the un-dead army right ?? Even after Jon and Dany tried to save as much as possible I believe most of it had faltered against the night king!! Most of the destruction has been done by Dany and Drogon. Not the eunuch foot soldiers!! They just cut off the soldiers who had laid down their weapons.May be it is there to make it look larger then life. To make a cheap photocopy of some of the Lord of the rings scene.

Jon doesn’t get what Dany is saying as he doesn’t understand the language but he gets that there is something more going on here from her last sentence “from Winterfell to Dorne !!”

She makes Grey worm her master of war!! Great for you grey worm!! You are now officially a war machine!! Fulfilling your original purpose. And he seems happy about it!!!

Tyrion is accused of treason and he in return accuses Dany of genocide!! What he does next is powerful!! He throws away his badge of the Hand. Just like a slap on Joffrey’s face.

Now why the hell did Arya come out of the city on a white horse if she wasn’t supposed to do anything at all other then giving Jon advise. At least she shows her Ninja skills and appears near to Jon all of a sudden. May be that’s one more lame explanation by the show runners to make us understand how she appeared near the Night king all of a sudden. And seems like Jon has already made up his mind of killing Dany after hearing the speech and watching her destroy the town , when he asks Arya to wait outside the city gates. Like telling her that she no longer needs to do his work for him such as killing the night king.


And then we see John talking to Tyrion in his prison !! Beginning is good. John says he won’t try to justify Dany’s actions and then the next minute he tries to justify her actions !! Well this is not the Jon snow we have known from previous seasons who always knew the right from wrong. Who has always been treated as a bastard and has been sent to the nights watch.He has got his character molded from the suffering and by getting murdered for doing the right thing. And even then whenever he has got the chance he has done the right thing by getting all the kingdoms together to fight against a common enemy. And now he is justifying a genocide!!! Just because he doesn’t want to betray her and loves her. Well again I am lost here because we haven’t seen any depth being given to Dany and Jon’s love. Other then one intimate scene in last episode of season 7. May be he wants confirmation of what he is going to do from Tyrion. We see him being reminded about his sisters who won’t bend their knee to the Queen. Why does he need to be reminded of that!! He should be able to get it himself.

Jon approaches Dany and from the Drumbeats we get what’s going to happen. Jon tries to get Dany back from the madness she has descended into by his love. He finally stands up to her and argues about mercy and good. Both the actors have acted at their top most level in this scene. Jon finally goes for it when she says that common folks don’t get to choose while we do!! She is completely drunk of her power while Jon doesn’t get it as he doesn’t get power itself. And then comes the ultimate betrayal. Poetic.

The betrayal

Drogon senses that his mother is no more and comes flying in. He sees her lying there not breathing and breathes fire. Not on Jon as he is family. I would have loved to see Jon being unburnt and all of them discovering his true identity but it doesn’t come to pass. He instead burns the Iron throne itself. One wheel broken.


2 weeks pass by and Tyrion is still a prisoner. Jon too for killing the queen and thereby committing a crime. But wait isn’t he the rightful hair?? Okay let’s move on. So grey worm brings Tyrion in front of all the Westeros lords to pass the sentence but there are no kings or queens here. Tyrion asks them to decide who it should be. Yes !! They must say Jon snow now as we saw Varys writing all day and sending all those letters to a lot of lords about Jon snows true identity right?? So they will chose Jon snow. Samwell suggests Democracy. What ?? Come on you are the one who told Jon he is the rightful hair didn’t you?? And he is your best friend take his name at least. They all laugh it off. Then Tyrion starts to tell a speech about story telling. Just like this Show which is a great story which is now turning shitty, but anyways has united us all to sit in front of our television glued to our chair to watch the finale. So if a storyteller is on the throne he will also captivate his realm by telling some great stories about how he sat on the throne by betraying his brother and not even suggesting his name. Logic is As Bran will have no children there won’t be a dynastic rule and the wheel will be broken!! But what about the north where there will be Dynasty !! Not all the wheels are getting broken!! And what about the other houses where the dynastic rule will remain??


Balance of the show is just a cacophony of pathetic good byes and Jokes. There is even a book by Song of ice and fire!! Well where the hell did that title come up from when nothing of that sort has happened on the show. We were think maybe Arya will kill both the night king and Dany but that didn’t happen. Jon also didn’t become Azor ahai!! How the hell is this title relevant??


Jon goes back to the North beyond the wall to live happily ever after with wildlings as there are no adventures awaiting him there. Well there are no white walkers there.. he will spend his happy days here . Why to take burden of ruling seven kingdoms.


Now we get what the actors meant when they said that the ending of this show will leave a lot of fans heart broken. Because this is a shitty ending. We would have rather loved to see Night king sitting on the throne!! And all others turned to white walkers!!

As viewers we all have invested some good amount of time watching and following this show for almost 8 years and now we feel betrayed. I definitely feel so and it is show runner’s duty to give us a good and logical ending. They owe it to us!! And if not I see some of the die hard fans turning away from the show never to feel betrayed again. The viewer fan base has been built on those viewers who loved to see depths in their characters…and some real life stuff not just great direction and larger then life shots!! Shots like walk of shame and red wedding were really awesome and had earned all the impact they made!! A real life power struggle and if that is not maintained at the end why should they watch it!!! It’s like you have been going to a restaurant for a long time as they serve some authentic and quality cuisines. And suddenly their food is no longer authentic and it’s quality also gets degraded. Would you like to go back to that restaurant again?? Hell no!! We don’t have that much time to waste in our precious little lives !!! We want to see what we want to see. Our taste buds have now been used to some fine dining and we are in no mood to switch back to a street food all of a sudden!!

And if Jon was not to be crowned king why the hell it was important for both Bran and Samwell to tell him that he is the true heir to the iron throne at the end of the season 7?? So that we could just watch him being sent to the North to defend against nothing at all ?? Why was it important for Sansa to tell Tyrion that he is the better option then Danarys ?? And as per my previous reviews also, he doesn’t even stand up to his queen. He doesn’t even suggest that we could both rule seven kingdoms together. So Rheagar was also just a fool to throw away his throne and marry Lyanna just to fulfill the prophecy of Azor Ahai!! This is the water downed version of Jon that has been written by D & D just to give democracy a chance. Azor ahai was the one who will end the war and make peace prevail. And Jon was the best candidate for it. Why the hell did he even come back from the death!! Just to kill Danaerys?? And then he doesn’t even succeed in ending the war. As unsullied are still there who are ready to fight against the northern armies. Whose asses were also saved by none other then Jon whose Dragon gets almost killed in fighting with the Night king. And then Arya kills him by jumping out of nowhere. It seems that prophecy was kept alive only to keep us hooked to the GOT to the last season!!

And then wait for the prequel and spin offs to come up!! But how good will be the prequel when it comes up!! And how will we trust the show runners not to turn in into a pathetic freak show they have turned this season into!! It is obvious that R Martin does not like the way the show is ending and that is why he turned down the request to play even a Cameo in the last season. Why to turn up for a pathetic season!! Better to concentrate on the book he is writing where he will give proper justification to the characters he has created since more then two decades now!!

So long folks to another show and another review. Please leave your likes and comments if you liked this post.

6 thoughts on “Game of thrones Season 8 Episode 6: We now know who sits on the throne

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  1. I can relate to many points of course as many do and the gist of it that they really ruined the show for us like the restaurant example! Of course people won’t come back
    Many good points raised here, I would rather you don’t spend much time on repeating the scenes as they happened, for a simple reason that a real fan don’t need this, and a the non fan will not read anyway
    My point of view of course
    Have a good day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Huguette. Appreciate your comment and point of view. That’s exactly what I was thinking too… and your comment got my idea confirmed.Good day to you too..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I know it’s a little late, but…so completely disappointed and let down and frustrated with season 8 and especially the final episodes. It’s always very sad to *journey* with a show through all those seasons just to get what feels like a rushed afterthought of a conclusion, and then you think, “Why am I wasting my life watching this stuff?” and can’t ever get that time back.


    1. I second your thoughts and as I look back it looks such a terrible waste of time now that I wish I hadn’t seen it in the first place. Have not even once gone back to earlier seasons after the final season. It’s a terrible nightmare that we ever loved this show so much.


      1. Don’t know what will happen with the prequel series etc but have very less hopes from that one too now. The show does not even interest me anymore.


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