Wolverine forgotten ?? How about Kit Harington ?

Game of thrones had taken the world by storm along with The Avengers Endgame. And there is a lot of talk going on about who is the mighty of them all that almost everyone has forgotten one of our favorite heroes till recent times.Wolverine!! Hugh Jackman has hanged his claws for now . But Wolverine is one of the few Super hero who knew that sometimes you do need to kill in order to save lives. And may be he is the one who has come close to defeating Thanos. Hope you are also one of those who have noticed those three lines in the front face of the mad Titan.


And by Titan’s own admission if somebody can come close to killing him it is wolverine. What ??? Well may be not because he has extra ordinary supper powers. But because he is ready to kill. While others have such a high moral compass that they won’t even think about it. Such as Iron man in Avengers Infinity war. There is a scene in this movie where after Thanos throws a moon at him Iron man just thrashes Thanos and then “Mad Titan”says, “All of this for a drop of blood?” Well rather then having that big hammer like hands what if Iron man used a big sword or a knife. He could have chopped Thanos’ head right then and there. But then the movie would have also ended then and there!! Not good for business right !!Well anyways.

Courtesy : Marvel

But there is one more possibility Thanos might have thought about . Spoilers ahead for those who still haven’t watched Endgame. What if Wolverine was part of End game. He could have stepped up to perform the snap and Iron man would have still been around.


Courtesy Pinterest.  


Courtesy : Screen Rant.

Okay so back to Wolvie. He is not around may be because they haven’t found a replacement for Hugh Jackman. What are the qualities that makes Wolverine so famous with the audiences??

1. Hugh Jackman charisma— well who can ignore the perfect embodiment of Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman. His height, his facial features, his long thick hair and his curved eyebrows along with his deep baritone voice give him all the machismo required to become a perfect wolverine.


Courtesy : dailyedge.ie


Courtesy : Comicbook.com

2. Wolverine healing factor– The healing factor is the reason why wolverine does not die that easy. You throw anything at him and he will survive it. Another thing it does is it keeps him looking young and always in his prime. And healing factor does not allow him to develope any forms of cancer so he can smoke as many cigar as he wants and he can drink as much as he want to. Because he knows his liver is going to take care of itself. Now who doesn’t want that. Eternal youth with license to drink as much booze as you want!!! Any perfectly sensible guy will die for it.But there is a side effect. He can’t easily get drunk due to his high metabolism and so he needs to drink a lot to get drunk. Well his monthly bar bill must be going through the roofs. He he!!


Courtesy : Comic Book news.

3. Believable powers :- May be because out of the entire gamut of X-Men heroes his are the only powers that are believable ones. While others have abilities like bending metals, telepathic abilities, x-rays in their eyes he has his healing factor and feral senses.  Feral senses are something that every animal or a bird has. But as we have come away from our natural habitats , we have lost use of these senses and they have almost become dormant inside us. In short , these powers seem logical scientifically. While other’s powers are not!!

4. Haunted by higher powers :- All his life we see him being tormented and haunted by people of higher power who either want him to do some research on him to make him an indestructible weapon or want to use him for betterment of their own self. Due to this he always goes on the darker side of himself. And always has a sad persona around him. Are we all not like this?? Although we are well placed we always are missing something that we want to achieve or get or do or be. Also almost most of us have somebody above us who keeps on barking orders at us to further his life goals and we always want to get out of the situation but can’t. We associate this helplessness with ourselves and feel for him.

Courtesy : Video Clip.

5. A Reluctant hero:- Every time he goes in to do some hero stuff he goes in reluctantly because he is not sure about his own powers. He does not know whether he will come out alive or not. When he had to go ahead and help fellow mutants by time travelling in “Days of the future past”. When he had to go ahead and kill Jean grey who had turned into a Dark Phoenix. With every step he took he was being ripped apart and regenerated again and again. A terrible agony coupled with killing the one you love. The list can go on.




Courtesy : Filmic Box.

There is a movie in theaters with similar story line of Dark phoenix but is getting really ugly reviews. Guess what !! No Wolverine !!! How the hell can it work when have one of the main characters on the X-men universe missing from it!!


Courtesy : Cnet.com

06-x-men-magneto-dark-phoenix-logan.w1200.h630 (1).jpg

Courtesy : Vulture

But I believe this last selfless act is something we have seen somebody else perform very recently. Our very own Jon Snow. He also had to kill his love interest that’s his aunt 😬 to save the realm.



Courtesy : Time Magazine.

He also had to unite the entire Westeros to fight against a common enemy like white walkers. He also rode a dragon to increase the chances of the living against the dead.

He also has a sad persona around him because his love interests always end up dying in his arms. Just like Wolverine. And his family emblem is also a wolf. See the similarities!!!

Disney and Marvel have been looking for a younger actor to take on the mantle of playing Wolverine. And I believe Kit Harington might be able to fit the bill. He might not be as tall as Hugh Jackman but he does have a lot of similarities with the comics version. He is small in height and less in bulk which is an advantage to him as no one can anticipate the ferocity with which he might attack.

Kit as wolve-Reddit.jpg

Courtesy : Reddit

Kit as wolve-mycast.jpg

Courtesy : Mycast

Talking about the missed opportunities Dark Phoenix could have been a great platform for launching of new wolverine and to bring two of the most beloved actors together again. Kit Harington and Sophie turner! Fans would have loved it!!

And for the ardent fans like me, we haven’t seen enough of Jon snow due to that shitty ending they wrote for GOT. Maybe this way at least the actor playing the character will get justice.

Kit as wolve-DeviantArt

Courtesy : Deviant Art

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